Computer System

This programme focuses on providing personnel the knowledge for Computer System support and Technician such as Computer Installation, Maintenance Troubleshooting, Repairing, Networking and Monitoring of Booth Computer Hardware and Software.

To achieve this, students are exposed to the subject that is related to computer system design, entrepreneurship, computer hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, project management, networking and maintenance.

Programme Objectives

  • To equip student with practical knowledge of installation and upgrading Computer System.
  • To produce a competent manpower in operating a computer including Software Development, Data Communication and Data Processing.
  • To produce a skilled worker who is able to provide user support such as to assemble maintain, repair, troubleshoot monitor and upgrade components and equipment of Computer System.

• Minimum 16 years of age

• 2 years 3 months including 3 months of Industrial Training

• IT Manager
• Computer Administrator
• Computer Technician

• IT Support
• IT Networking / Communication

Modules Offered

IIT-020-3: 2013 Computer System Operation
1. Computer System Set-Up
2. Computer System Maintenance
3. Computer System Repair
4. Server Installation
5. Server Maintenance
6. Computer Network Connectivity Set-Up
7. Mobile Device Configuration
8. Core Abilities 1,2 & 3

IT-020-3: 2013 Computer System Administration
1. Server Configuration
2. Computer Network Installation Management
3. Computer System Security Control
4. Computer System Maintenance Management
5. Network Cabling Management
6. Technical English
7. Engineering Sciences
8. Core Abilities 4
9. Final Project
10. Industrial Training (3 Month)

Computer System
Course Information
  • Course Id:SKM 3,4