Electronic Product Development (Industrial Electronics)

Electronic Product Development personnel will be responsible for the installation, troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, product development, design and management of electronic products and equipment respective to the different levels of competencies.

The personnel also responsible for the design, programming of a variety of electronic equipment, conduct PLC programming, improvement, electronic equipment administration and operation administration. They will also act as the middle management personnel as they will have to communicate with both technicians and management.

Programme Objectives

  • Equip students with adequates skills to perform at the assistant engineer level in the industrial electronic sector.
  • Prepare and produce skilled workforce who is competent in carrying out electronic product development.

• Minimum 16 years of age

• 3 years including 3 months of Industrial Training

• Instrumentation Equipment Maintenance Technicians
• Industrial Equipment Maintenance Technicians
• Electronic Home Appliances Installers and Repairers
• Industrial Product Designer
• Application & Embedded System Programmer
• Electronic Equipment Production & Instrumentation Personnel

• Information and Communication Technology Industry
• Calibration and Instrumentation Field
• Industrial Product Design

Modules Offered

EE-021-2:2012 Electronic Equipment & Appliance Installation and Troubleshooting
1. Electronic Schematic Drawing
2. Instrument and Test Equipment Set Up & Handling
3. Industrial Electronic Equipment Installation
4. Instrument and Test Equipment Troubleshooting
5. Industrial Electronic Equipment Troubleshooting
6. Core Abilities 1 & 2

E021-3 : Electronic Equipment & Appliance Troubleshooting, Repairing and Maintenance Operation
1. Electronic Product Quality Control
2. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Configuration
3. Electronic Equipment Preventive Maintenance
4. Electronic Equipment Corrective Maintenance
5. Electronic Appliance Repair & Maintenance
6. Core Abilities 3

EE-021-4:2012 Electronic Product Development
1. Electronic Equipment Administration
2. Electronic Product and Technology Improvement
3. Electronic Product Quality Assurance
4. Micro controller Configuration
5. Plc Programming
6. Technical English
7. Engineering Sciences
8. Core Abilities 4
9. Final Project
10. Industrial Training (3 Month)

Electronic Product Development (Industrial Electronics)
Course Information
  • Course Id:SKM 2,3,4