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The best people for the job

Here at the Megatech International College, we have access to some of the best graduate skills in the region. Whether you wish to grow your business but don’t have the resource to do so or have a requirement for extra key skills in your business, our graduate schemes can give you valuable skills, in your company.

Short term help for your business (up to 12 weeks)

The Industrial programme is a student placement lasting between 10-12 weeks, giving your business dedicated resource to work on a specific project. Your business won’t need to pay any company tax and you’ll be giving an undergraduate valuable work experience at the same time.
Our Graduate Voluntary scheme also gives you the opportunity to have a graduate work in your business to help on projects you may not have the time or resource to complete. The Graduate Voluntary scheme usually lasts between 10-12 weeks and businesses are only expected to cover the travel and lodging costs of the graduate.

Longer term help for your business

Our graduate programme is for businesses looking to recruit a recent graduate to work in their business over the next 3-12 months, helping the business to grow, improve efficiency or work on a specific project.
If your business is working on a number of short term projects, the Paid Graduate Scheme gives you a recent graduate to specifically help on short term projects. The graduate can be employed on either a full or part time basis, to suit your business needs.

To find out more on how the this programme could benefit your business, contact Student Service Office on +603 5115 1199 or email


Getting access to high quality volunteers can help your business grow and reach its full potential. If your business requires volunteers, contact Student Service Office on +603 5115 1199 or email


The world is facing many big challenges. At Megatech International College, we are passionate about the creation and impact of our knowledge and how, in partnership, we can apply this to real challenges.

We work in partnership with many organisations in different forms, finding better answers to today’s real challenges. If your organisation wants to join us in a collaborative partnership which has the flexibility to expand as the extent of the activity grows, here are some of the ways we can help: 

  • Collaborate on a research project 
  • Form a strategic alliance 
  • Second a researcher


Megatech graduated students are highly sought after by a wide range of recruiters from all sectors and organizations. In a crowded market, there are various ways you can raise your profile at Megatech: 

  • Advertise your vacancy 
  • Careers fairs 
  • Employer presentations 
  • Offer a placement

We are offering your organization state-of-the-art auditorium facilities at your request for holding any events. Our auditorium has a holding capacity of up to 130 people and is equipped with surround-sound and projector support.


We are offering your organization venues and group-bookings for your events and seminars. Our auditorium and other variety of unique venues at the College are equipped with high-speed internet and projector support.
Our venues can cater:

  • Residential conferences
  • Day meetings
  • Seminars
  • Workshops


Interested in joining the Megatech community?

Megatech International College is a special place, filled with diverse, energetic, and talented people who are driven to grow and succeed. By working here, you join a vibrant community that advances Megatech’s vision in achieving academic excellence in meaningful ways, inspires innovation and collaboration, and builds skills and expertise.

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We can support clients in addressing a diverse range of challenges. Whether you are working in the private or public sector, there are times when you need an independent partner to provide authoritative insight and advice.

Megatech is full of leading experts on a diverse range of disciplines from engineering to business and hospitality. We have an appetite to explore and find solutions to a wide range of challenges for our clients with a single point of contact throughout the consultancy lifecycle and consultancy contracts protecting your interests.