International Partners

International Partners


The world is facing many big challenges. At Megatech International College, we are passionate about the creation and impact of our knowledge and how, in partnership, we can apply this to real challenges.

We work in partnership with many organisations in different forms, finding better answers to today’s real challenges. If your organisation wants to join us in a collaborative partnership which has the flexibility to expand as the extent of the activity grows, here are some of the ways we can help: 

  • Collaborate on a research project 
  • Form a strategic alliance 
  • Second a researcher


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Megatech graduated students are highly sought after by a wide range of recruiters from all sectors and organizations. In a crowded market, there are various ways you can raise your profile at Megatech: 

  • Advertise your vacancy 
  • Careers fairs 
  • Employer presentations 
  • Offer a placement