Our One City Campus is equipped with many facilities both educational and recreational. Students will get to expand their knowledge and skills beyond classrooms with our learning facilities whilst as much, they will get to enjoy numerous recreational activities provided within the world-class compound of One City Development. Some of the facilities include:

Resource Centre:

The library is spacious and conducive to a student’s learning environment. It is constantly being upgraded to ensure that our students have access to the latest knowledge building.

It houses a wide range of resources including literature, periodicals, journals, reports, and other audio visual materials. The library also provides computers with internet connection for an open access to online information.

Engineering Laboratories:

The laboratories are designed for students to sharpen their practical and technical engineering skills in conjunction with their classroom learnings. This facility displays our commitment in ensuring that students will get the right balance of theoretical and practical knowledge to be ready for the industry.


  • Power laboratory
  • Microprocessor and micro controller laboratory
  • Electronics laboratory
  • Mechatronic laboratory
  • Workshop
  • Engineering science lab
  • Programmable logic control lab
  • Project lab

Computer Centre:

Our computer centre acts as an open gate to information technology resource with high-speed data network that provides connections to the Internet and online portals seamlessly. 12a-200x
Equipped with a wide range of up-to-date software and HP hardware, this quality computer facility offers students full capacity to perform their IT tasks and to gain online access to the globalized world.

  • Multimedia lab
  • Programming lab
  • Open lab
  • Computer simulation

E-Fitness Gym

E-Fitness Gym, one of the largest fitness centres in Malaysia, is located one floor below the campus. It is fully


IMG_5780-200xequipped with a wide range of fitness equipment and offers classes in yoga, Zumba, Hip Hop, and many other workout routines. It also provides “female only” workout area.

Shopping and Foods

cloud-200xAs the campus is located right within the proximity of One City Development, students will get to enjoy many kinds of shopping experiences, trendy lifestyle hubs, hair salons, and spa treatment.

As well, a host of many restaurants, cafés, and food joints will offer our students the best of local and international delicacies which include Subway, Gloria Jeans Café, Fat Boys the Burger Bar, Tappers, Secret Recipe, The Sheperdoo Restaurant and Lounge, and many more.

Students may also get to rewind and enjoy world blockbusters and box-office movies at Premium-X Cinema, which is located only one floor below the campus.

Sky Park

4a-200xAbove the campus is a rooftop park designed to offer visitors full breeze of tranquility and exquisite dining experiences. The park overlooks the city of Subang Jaya and beyond. It is an ideal place for students to hang out with friends or to enjoy time alone reading in the park.